A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Dozen...

Alright... I'm giving this a try.  Linda of  http://2nd-cup-of-coffee.blogspot.com/ posted a random dozen questions to blog about.  Dontcha just love that blog title???  I love starting my day with a cup of coffee, but the only time I indulge in a second cup is when I'm sharing one with a friend!  Soooo... I am finking out and not being very original today, but grab cup of joe and hang with me for a little bit! 

1. When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

Oh my gosh!  My funny bone is a tad ticklish!  Don't get me started...  Any time I'm tired I get a little loopy.  And loopy comes with that little bubble of laughter that fizzes right up from the belly and erupts into a peal of giggles that I can't stuff back into a polite grin.  I'm almost always loopy after 10 at night.  Sometimes after 8...  Ummm... it is not a good idea to serve as an Eucharistic Minister following an extended stretch of not sleeping well...  We are not really expected to giggle over the bread and wine.  Or laugh through the hymns...       

2. If you found $10 today, what would you do with it?

I would add it to the "summer incidentals fund"... a.k.a. my backpack.  The kids seem to think this is a magic bag.  "Mom!  We're near the icecream store!  You have your backpack with you!"  "Mom, can we get a movie?  You have your backpack with you!"   Today, I need to remember to take that backpack with me so that I can get some of that magic gas that keeps the kid-carrier running the roads of this little town...  So, I need to find three $10s....

3. Do you volunteer anywhere?

Nope.  Oh!  Wait!  I'm a youth group leader!  I hang out with a bunch of great teens, eat pizza, play games, chat for hours, laugh, work with a phenomenal group of pseudo-grown-ups (yeah... we have a chuckle every time the "grown ups" meet!), lead prayers, do a little planning, play more games, make cookies... and someone, somewhere decided to call me a volunteer!  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING????  These kids keep me young and laughing!    

4. What is your favorite summertime veggie or fruit, and how do you eat it?

Blueberries.  Oh!  Or maybe... blueberries.  Yup.  Definitely blueberries.  Right off the bush on a sunny day with all my kiddos with me is the best way to eat them!  

5. Is your social sphere (circle of friends) small, medium or large?

Oh!  I am so lucky!  Gotta say large on this one!  I am blessed by friends I can talk with about anything, goofy friends, friends that walk with me, lots of friends who make me laugh, chat-over-a-cup-of-coffee friends, kid friends, grown-up friends, fun-to-run-into-them-once-a-year friends, Facebook friends, friends that play in band, friends from church, family friends....  Yup.  Very blessed by friends! 

6. When was the last time you attended a family or school reunion? How did that go?

Our family reunions are always a blast!  We get 20-30 of us together several times a year.  Most recently in Maine where we had a murder mystery for 15!  (among other fun stuff!)  The last really big family reunion, ya know... breaking 300 or so, was a couple years ago.  We're all related to my grammie, so... yeah!  We had a blast!

7. When you're feeling blue, what is the best way someone can cheer you up?

If you can make me laugh, you have my heart for life!  Gee... and it is so exceedingly *not* difficult to make me laugh... 

8. Have you taken a vacation this summer?

Yup.  But I prefer home.

9. What is the most unnecessary item you carry with you all the time?

I'm sure that backpack has something unneccessary in it.  But about the time I decide something is not neccessary and take it out, gall-darned if I don't need it the next day! 

10. What is the best summer flick you have seen so far?

I don't very often sit still long enough to watch a whole movie.  But a total surprise to me was Tooth Fairy!  It was hilarious all the way through! 

11. Describe a perfect summer day.

Oooooh!  The kids would sleep late!  Like at least 7:00.  Breakfast, coffee and blogging for a solid hour, uninterupted :o)  Then head out with hiking shoes and a picnic to pick blueberries with the kiddos.  Stop at the pool on the way home.  My husband would cook.  And since this is a fanatasy day, he would actually cook fish...  Throw in band practice and it sounds like a pretty amazing day! 

12. Please a share a favorite photo from the summer so far!

Oh, this is soooooo cheating!  This one's already been up on the blog... 

Well... pretty random.  But, heck!  So is life!  Have a happy day!


  1. What fun answers! And good for you for persisting in linking up - 3rd times the charm!

  2. I'm visiting from the Random Dozen...it was fun reading your answers. I struggled to choose a fruit/veg from summer because I love them all. I hate to see the season end!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Katie, your blog gave me a big smile. As for #1, let the laughter rip:
    PSALMS 126:2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: they said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

    And as the mom of two teens who are so blessed by our youth pastor -- OH THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO! I do find it funny when the kids come home quoting Chris in EXACTLY the same words we've said, but now it's true because HE said it. I told him when his 2 year old is 15, he'll know how we feel!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Random Dozen! Your answers made me smile. :)

  5. Welcome to the Random Dozen! I hope you'll enjoy meeting new bloggers and laughing till you cry over some of the videos and answers!

    I LOVE the quilts at the top of your blog. I'm just getting into quilting and can't wait to have a go at it. They're beautiful!

    Any day my husband cooks is a perfect day, esp in the summer! Fish sounds good. When's dinner? :)

    What a great idea to have a Murder Mystery dinner for a reunion. Got to tuck that idea away.

    Enjoyed your answers!

  6. you have a very nice family!
    i do love blueberries too...

  7. Thanks for stopping by today. I so enjoyed your Random Dozen and hope you'll be back to join up with us. Sounds like you and I would likely do a lot of laughing if we were ever together. Blessings to you!

  8. Fun answers! I like the one about the magic bag--is that the equivalent of a "money tree"? LOL
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today--and for leaving a comment!

  9. Oh my word, I miss the blueberries of my home state of NJ. I currently live in Idaho. Blueberries only ok -- they are not those huge ones that we used to get.

    I loved reading your answers! Thanks!


  10. Love the photo! I don't like blueberries though... not at all...


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