A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


My kiddos have been after me all summer... they need backpacks for school.  Now, we're not talking about normal kids needing normal backpacks...  I have sassy kids who prefer QUOTE... kick-butt-awesome-backpacks... END QUOTE.  Soooo... we can't just go BUY kick-butt backpacks.  (Can't you just picture me walking in and asking for a couple of those?)

When oldest kiddo started highschool, I offered to make her a bag.  She chose LOUD fabrics and quickly became known as the kid with the really cool bag.  Two years  later, she was *still* getting comments on that backpack.  But, alas, two years worth of heavy text books were taking a toll on the pack.  And... kiddos # 2 and #4 are both entering new schools this year.  Time for backpacks....

ANY GUESSES HOW LONG IT TAKES TO MAKE ONE OF THESE BUGGERS???  These aren't the little mini-packs like I carry.  These are the beasts of backpacks.  And we're making HOW MANY???  My feet were dragging a bit.  Enter helpful kids...  "Can WE make them?"  Yup... gotta recognize when it is time to surrender.  

Have I mentioned before that I have very patient parents?  (Good thing since they had to put up with me...)  Nana and Boppa offered to take the littler two kiddos for a couple of days so that the older girls and I could start working on those backpacks.

We are having a blast!!!  We started out with a trip to the awesome LOUD FABRIC store.  Then turned our livingroom into a whirlwind of cutting, ironing, sewing and LAUGHING!!!  Oh!  The stories these kids tell while working!  Poor hubby got home to a fabric-fiasco reaching from kitchen table to sewing machine... and kiddos that immediately said, "Mom!  Kick him out!  We're TALKING!"  (Apparently Dad is not privy to the latest girl-gossip...)

Oh!  If you read the "random dozen" post, I have to update the last time I laughed so hard I cried.  And I wasn't even tired and loopy yet!  We had a late dinner on the porch.  And the kids *did* allow Dad to join us for supper.  Dinner with two teens took on a whole new level of goofiness.  Wise cracks and highschool humor.  Rampant sarcasm and a comedy of innuendo.  Poor hubby finally had to give up on trying to control the ruckus and just laugh along with us!

Sooooo... today the sewing marathon continues.  Each of the kiddos formulated a plethora of ideas for decorating the packs as they worked last night.  So we'll be getting some colorful ribbons and chains today.  I can't wait to see these things!  Both kiddos' unique personalities sparkle through the choices they are making for their bags!  And we are working together on backpacks for the littler kiddos!  Soooo... I will not have to sit at the sewing machine for two solid weeks working on these kick-butt-awesome-backpacks!  Oh!  Life is good!

Have a wonderful day!         


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