A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Musically Gifted...

A week ago, oldest kiddo & I were getting ready to go toot our horns with friends at our Monday night jam session.  I guess Little Guy got excited about so many trombone players gathering in one place.  Labor started fast and furious about half an hour before we would have been leaving and the little guy was born three hours later.  No worries, though... he made it to the next session and celebrated his one-week birthday surrounded by trombonists!

While still at the hospital, one of the nurses commented to oldest kiddo that the baby had her lips.  YES!!!  I *knew* he was going to be a trombonist!  We tried him out on a little trombone last night.  He looked pretty cool, even if all his tooting came out the back end. 
All through the pregnancy, Little Guy enjoyed jazz band; boogeying and summer-saulting through oldest kiddo's rehearsals.  We were curious how he would react to a bit of live music.

Oldest kiddo sat with him about four feet from the bells of the goofy group. 

He was very impressed.  Guess he'd rather be playing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Guess who's 15 1/2?

Second child is very glad that oldest kiddo hasn't given birth to grandbump yet.  This kiddo has been waiting about 13 1/2 years for the chance to drive!

Meanwhile... grandbump is misbehavin' already!  Oldest kiddo had contractions 5 minutes apart for 30 hours earlier this week (yes, that is THIRTY hours).  We finally got her checked into the hospital and called in the waiting-room-cheering-squad.  Our two large families took over the waiting room, hall way and we were eyeing the elevators.  Kiddo was making great progress!  And then... nothing.  Nadda.  All done.  Bump decided to stay put for a few more days.

One of my friends commented, "stubborn baby, must be a boy."  Ummm...hmmm...  Must be.  'Cause NONE of the girls in this family are stubborn....  (Fearless Leader is not in agreement over that bit of information.)

Oldest kiddo is back home and getting rested up for the second half of labor.  Whenever Bump decides to make his or her entrance into the world...

Have a happy day! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Miss Sassy and youngest kiddo had a concert tonight.
Sassy Girl started playing the drum-pad this year.  As of concert time, she has advanced to first-chair-desk-drummer!
Ok... techno-nerd at the keyboard.  I couldn't figure out how to turn the video, so she's drumming sideways.  But I cried happy tears right-side-up!  I'm so proud of her!  When she was tiny, we didn't know if she would learn to walk.  Now she's keeping up a steady rythm with her band.  And lighting up the place with that 1000 kilowatt smile!  (Youngest kiddo plays the flute and both kiddos sang with the chorus, as well!)

Oldest kiddo is faring well with the pregnancy.  Grandbaby-bump is due two weeks from today.  Gulp!  I'm hoping grand-bump stays put a few days past the scheduled arrival time since my school year goes a bit past the 21st...

My crazy family had a shower for oldest kiddo last weekend.  I use the word "crazy" in the nicest way possible.  Over 60 people gathered to wish the kiddos and wee one well.  Three days of camping, bonfires, swimming, wagon rides, and general chaos ensued!  It was wonderful.

Here's a little taste of the goofiness.  Gadget girl greeted guests with, "ballet parking."  That's hospitality, our big, goofy family-style!
And the cake!  Our skinny little neighbor bakes like she should be twice my size!  White cake with raspberry filling and lemon frosting.  I shouldn't even try to describe the cake.  The description falls far short of the taste!

Well... other news... it's hot, we have just over two weeks left to school, the little guys in our class have had a guest teacher and guest aide in their class for the last three months of school.  Oh yeah!  We are feeling the end of the year wiggles!  Today's little escapade was a humdinger....  Rest time involves little nap-mats and quiet activities with the lights low and music playing.  It would be very relaxing if it didn't involve 12 squirmy kidlets.  We've offered to switch places with the kids.  Someday they can tuck us in, rub our backs and make sure we don't chat with each other for a half an hour or so....

But I digress...  One wee one had rubber stamps and was working industriously on a picture.  But apparently the stamp pads were not quite wet enough.  So while I was passing out snack, she went over to the sink and wet the stamp pads.  Did I say wet?  I meant saturated....  Small child then walked across the room with her ink pads, dripping across the floor, a book, a snack, and one of her classmates.  And since four pads were a little too much for her hands, she just tucked one against her tummy.  When the trail of purple dots was discovered and traced to the blotch on the belly, we also discovered that the ink pads are permanent dye ink.  Diluted with water, but, nevertheless, permanent.  Oiy!  My apologies for sending home stained children tonight...

Well... I hope something in this post has brought a smile to your day!  Have a happy day!