A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Music, Random Mickeying, and Colorful Backpacks!

A two-concert weekend... gotta love it!  Saturday's concert was short and sweet.  Maybe because we went so fast?  A few of those pieces went maybe twice as fast as I could play them.  One of my comrades suggested that perhaps the writer of "Amparito Roca" thought that trombones were related to piccolos?  Let's just say "vivace" on that one means "don't take a breath, you'll miss 8 measures..."  But, hey!  Any concert followed by chicken barbeque on a beautiful day sounds like fun to me!  (Even if I am about half way through Amparito when the rest of the band finishes...)

Today's concert was an hour and a half of pure hilarity!  Our goofy crew went with "Thing 1," "Thing 2," and "Thing 3," for our WAY special shirts for this concert.  Our director referred to his baton as his "remote control" at the beginning of the concert.  Near the end of the concert, his remote control lost control and wound up nearly in the trombone section.  Did he slip?  Certainly he wouldn't intentionally throw things at the trombones, right?  Right????  Or maybe it was just our turn with the remote!  Darn it!  When I tried to snag the remote, the baritones gave it back to our conductor.  Foiled again!  (I do not have good luck wresting the remote away from anybody around here, either!)

Oh!  And oldest kiddo and I spent much of the afternoon on random acts of Mickeying!
If you see any victims driving around, just smile!

And then... home to finish a couple more backpacks!  Here is kiddo 1 holding her backpack and kiddo 4's backpack!
Have an awesome, very happy day!


  1. Those are amazing bags!!! I know I said that before... but I can't get over how great they are!!! My backpacks in school were so plain!

  2. Katie!!! I am so excited! Dave bought me a brand new sewing machine for my birthday/anniversary present! I am going to make some purses for gifts I think. I found a pattern that has the styles like my favorite Vera Bradley's and I have been coveting some of the beautiful fabrics at Joanne's. I have never had a brand-new machine of my own so i am anxious to start....think I will be making some American girl doll clothes too....LOVE LOVE LOVE the backpacks!

  3. SOOOOOOO that is where that pink mickey came on top of my car! So you were doing more than just driving around last night....

  4. LOVE the backpacks...! ;)



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