A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Miss Sassy had a therapudic horse riding lesson today.  Her younger sister was watching the lesson.  Sassy groomed the horse, rode around obstacles, clapped, waved, lifted her hands in the air, rode backwards, passed toys back and forth with her side-walkers and trotted.  When we were leaving, Sassy's little sister said, "Mom, when she trotted, I smiled.  I don't usually smile when my sisters do things.  But she trotted on the horse.  I couldn't do that, Mom.  And she could!  She did all those things on a horse, Mom.  She's really learned a lot!"

That really made me pause.  Our youngest started passing Miss Sassy's milestones before she was a year old.  Now Miss Sassy has achieved a milestone ahead of her sister.  I'm bursting-my-buttons proud!  I'm in awe of Sassy's achievements.  And I'm touched that youngest kiddo has the insight to notice and celebrate her sister's new skills.

(Miss Sassy is sitting in the hay loft with her instructor in the photo above.)

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Little Man is a month and a half old now.  He's started smiling and cooing.  Oh... and he is showing a predilection for stubbornness.  Which could not possibly originate on our side of the family.  Absolutely no stubbornness here.  Nuh uh.  Nadda.

Oddball is working on weening the daytime feeding.  Little Man wants nothing to do with that darned bottle.  His preferred method is to wait it out.  He scrunches up his face, closes his eyes tightly, spits the rubber nipple out and feigns sleep.  Repeat scenario every 20 minutes.

Oddball is equally determined to wait Little Man out.  Note the use of the word, "determined."  Stubborn did not originate on our side of the family.  Just the same, if I had to place a bet, I'd put my money on Oddball.  She's such a determined kiddo, it could almost be taken as stubbornness...

We were trying to catch Little Man's smiles on camera the other day.  Little Man smiled whenever the camera was not waving around in his face.  Did I mention that the little guy is stubborn?  But I did catch this photo of three of the girls with him.  Gadget, Oddball and Imp smiled for the box waving around in their faces!

"Look, Ma!  No hands!"

And Gadget Girl... this kid is a character!  Most of her wardrobe is average teen stuff, maybe a little on the quirky side.  Y'know... all the stuff parents and grandparents purchase.  But when Gadget buys or makes a piece of clothing, it screams originality.  Purchases this year have included 6" high boots full of buckles and chains, a straw hat, and a funky dress.  She also made a cloak and is working on a corset and a Renaissance-style dress.  All of which she will wear together for daily wear... along with her mohawk (which she plans to dye purple and spike for school) and eyebrow ring.  Yup.  She's an original!

Of course, all this originality comes with a mighty large amount of stubbornness determined character.  I recently lost all hope of ever attaining, "Cool Mom," status by uttering the word, "no," twice in a row.  Twice in about 15 minutes, to be precise.  I think I dropped below, "Geek Mom," status....
Oh well!  Just call me Geekma!

Miss Sassy has enjoyed swimming, barbeques, visits with Nana and Boppa, horse lessons and summer school.  Now she is ready to ditch this place whenever possible.  She takes her big Barney toy and heads for the car every chance she gets. The other day, she fell asleep in the car waiting for someone to take her somewhere.  Stubborn Determined child!
Imp just celebrated her birthday.  The actual day was over a month ago, but since her big day was the same day that her new nephew came home from the hospital, she agreed to wait until July for her slumber party.  Why are large gatherings of pre-teen girls dubbed, "slumber parties," anyhow?  I think slumbering is the only thing this gang of buddies failed to accomplish during 24 hours of mayhem....  I hardly recognized this kiddo for the day.  Our normally fairly quiet and reasonably polite child transformed into a sassy, giggly, stubborn determined, slightly obnoxious chatterbox.  So did all the other girls.  Five girls could have passed for 45 children.

I think summer vacations were carefully designed to prepare parents to cheerfully wave goodbye to the school bus on the first day of school.  Only 17 days to go....

Have a happy day!