A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Smiles from Shannon!

Our 10-year-old is a budding photographer! She runs around the house and the yard snapping photos of numberous objects. Her favorite subject is... you guessed it! OUR PUPPY!
I wish I had more time to write about all the happy stuff going on right now! Our 14-year-old had a successful shop for an 8th grade graduation dress. Our 10-year-old has new glasses which she loves. They are CUTE! But... I spent so long blogging on Kwilting with Katie that I really need to end computer time now.... If you are looking for a fun read, check out "from this to this" on my other blog :o) http://kwiltingwithkatie.blogspot.com/
Have a happy day!

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