A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Driving Miss Silly Sassy Girl!

My friend, Terry, visited this weekend! Whooohooo!!! What fun to enjoy a... well... not very quiet cup of coffee together :o) The girls wandered in and out of the kitchen (mostly in) supplying a steady stream of extraneous comments to our conversation. Don ate lunch adding his tidbits of advice and insight. But it was a lovely time.

When Terry went to leave, Miss Silly Girl got all excited! She loves to go for rides... and she was ready to ditch this joint! So Aunt Terry (really, she is Godmother Terry, but it doesn't quite have the same ring...) bundled Miss Silly into the car and took her for a 20 minute jaunt around the neighborhood. Miss Silly was quite tickled with herself for suggesting such a marvelous adventure. She strutted around the yard with a sassy grin when the daring duo returned home.

Well... we got rained back inside. But when the rain stopped, Miss Silly asked for a repeat performance. She ran over to our car shouting "DOE! DOE! DOE!" (translated "GO!..."). Enter a new phase in the Brown household.... I called oldest kiddo and asked if SHE could take us for a ride! Kind of "double duty"... we got some more driving time in for our 15-year-old while driving Miss Silly Girl!

Have a happy day!


  1. How sweet! Max is similarly obsessed with rides. This weekend, he made a guy who helps us with landscaping at our house ride him up and down the street in his truck!!!

    I love your Happy Thoughts posts, SUCH a great idea.

  2. Great way to rack up those driving hours. If you have to do them, it might as well be an adventure.

  3. Sounds like you all had a lovely time!


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