A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Hi, Baby!"

So, yeah, life is returning to normal around here.  Or semi normal.  Oldest kiddo got a kick out of my greeting when she walked into the house the other night....  "Oooooooh!  Look what I'm working on!  How was your day?  Hi, baby!"  (The last bit was addressed to the belly bump.)  Yup, talking to the bump is just part of our day now.

Actually, the kids and I joke that oldest kiddo must be pregnant with, "hi, baby!" since that is the way we all address oldest kid's tummy.  Youngest kiddo was sypathetic to the constant tummy-talking.  Just in case older sister ever found talking to the bump one sided, youngest kiddo suggested that it was ok to address *her* belly and say hello to dinner! 

Oh!  I also have a new name!  No grandma names seemed to fit me.  Sorry... but they all seemed a bit OLD.  And I refuse to utter that nasty, bad word.  Ever.  Eeeeeuw.... shivering!  The closest I could get to naming myself without gagging was G'amma.  Like taking the "r" out takes away the bad-word connotation....  But even that seemed a bit fuddy-duddy.  Until I burst out with a new idea while sitting at the table with my kidlets the other day!  I'm not just G'amma, I'm SUPER G'AMMA!!!!!  Yes, that would be "super" with a cape and mask and everything!  Ok, maybe skip the mask, it might scare the wee one.  But definitely a cape!  Like all the superheros!  Sooooo... now that I am a superhero, I can say my new name without gagging!


Well... that's the happy thought for today!  Or happy thoughts....  Never can seem to stick to just one!

Have a happy day!


  1. doryne Pederzani-DinneenNovember 27, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    A friend of mine refers to her yet-to-be-born grandchild as "noodle"!

  2. We never seemed to name the bump. Everyone did the rub the belly and talk to the baby but no cute little names ever stuck. It's great that everyone is talking to "hi, baby".

    I go by Grammie and Hubby goes by Grumpy. I never did care for those formal sounding names. My parents were Gamma and Pa because my kids (the oldest grandkids) had a hard time saying Grandma and Grandpa. My Father loved being called Pa and it just stuck with the rest of the grandkids (8 total).

    Enjoy your super hero role!

  3. i always thought I'd be Gigi or MeMe when the time comes. Talking to "Hi Baby" is perfectly normal and very sweet!

  4. I am absolutely certain that you will be "super"!

  5. My mom... felt the same way about grandma... so Me-ma was born..lol... ps that baby is sooo blessed and loved....hugs!!!


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