A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Guess who's 15 1/2?

Second child is very glad that oldest kiddo hasn't given birth to grandbump yet.  This kiddo has been waiting about 13 1/2 years for the chance to drive!

Meanwhile... grandbump is misbehavin' already!  Oldest kiddo had contractions 5 minutes apart for 30 hours earlier this week (yes, that is THIRTY hours).  We finally got her checked into the hospital and called in the waiting-room-cheering-squad.  Our two large families took over the waiting room, hall way and we were eyeing the elevators.  Kiddo was making great progress!  And then... nothing.  Nadda.  All done.  Bump decided to stay put for a few more days.

One of my friends commented, "stubborn baby, must be a boy."  Ummm...hmmm...  Must be.  'Cause NONE of the girls in this family are stubborn....  (Fearless Leader is not in agreement over that bit of information.)

Oldest kiddo is back home and getting rested up for the second half of labor.  Whenever Bump decides to make his or her entrance into the world...

Have a happy day! 

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  1. Did I hear a bit of sarcasm written into the comment about the girls in your family not being stubborn?! :)

    Wishing Oldest Kiddo a speedy and healthy delivery!


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