A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Foolin' around

I spent April Fool's Day with my sister.  Did I mention that we fell off the same branch of the family tree?  (Our family tree is full of funky branches...)
On the first day of my visit to California, I sat innocently reading a book when my sister pulled out costumes and asked if I was going to be a fairy or a pirate for the day.  Apparently, she thinks that I have no inhibitions about making a fool of myself.  And the giant bunny costume I sported a couple of years ago did nothing to dispel the myth.  So she thought I would enjoy a jaunt around San Francisco in a tutu, wings and a crown.  Or maybe she was just getting back at me for previous pranks.  Gaurgh!  (At least MY kitchen isn't infested with gummy worms...)     
 We had a blast!  We climbed Telegraph Hill and toured Coit Tower.  Then we sought out fellow fools at a St. Stupid's Day parade through San Francisco's business district.  Parade "Moronitors" kept the unruly crowd of 300 or so headed in sort of the same direction.  I even got trombone lessons from Superman.  And more lessons from someone playing half a trombone.  Now I can impress my NH buddies with big city trombone methods!     
Day #2 was quieter.  Just a little 8-mile hike to Alamere Falls in Port Reyes...  Oh!  And a cliff-drive back.  It was gorgeous and I would show you photos if I had sucked up my fear of heights, unclenched my fingers, unsquinched my eyes and stopped screaming....  My sister has aclimated to California driving and considers 60 mph a reasonable speed for cliff-hugging roads.  I am still from New England.  Cliffs???
 Since I lived through days #1 & 2, dying neither of embarassment nor cliff diving, my younger sister slowed down a little.  We went for a lovely 3 mile walk through the Marin Headlands, visited the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park and ate Thai food.  It was a fantastic visit!
Well... other news!  I finally caught up with my coffee buddy and snagged a photo!  She claims I stalked her, hunted her down and gave her no choice...
Miss Sassy found the goofy trombone hands and LOVED them!  She giggled and giggled while she posed for a photo with Gadget Girl.
 Hubby had a playdate with our neighbor.  These two like to blow things up on playdates.  Last time they knocked down a shed (I believe they called it remodeling).  This time they splintered wood.  I think I will keep my car away from them.... 
 And grandbaby bump continues to GROW!  Original Oddball is healthy and happy even if a bit apprehensive about the coming summer.
Sooooo... those are the happy thoughts for today!
I'll be spending the rest of my spring playing in kindergarten (long-term sub position), but I'll keep updating!
Have a happy day!


  1. It looks like a super fun trip (except for the 60mph on curvy cliff hugging roads)! And you make a wonderful fairy!

  2. Looks like so much fun, but how do you play half a trombone?

  3. Your family sounds like such a hoot!

  4. looks like alot of fun! :o) i like that smiley face :O) i could get used to it.


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