A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

skiing and birthdays and snowdays... oh my!

Little Miss third child had a birthday.  Number 13.  Sweetie kiddo figured out all on her own that bucket loads of sass are what the teenage years are all about.  While getting her dressed in the morning, she swings her legs away from me so that I can't catch her feet to put socks on.  And she giggles.  Then she picks up her pants, throws them behind her and giggles.  When I plop her shirt over her head, she pushes it back off.  And giggles.  She won't cooperate to get dressed until I laugh at all of her shenanigans. 

This morning, the pranks continued all through breakfast.  Make a shake with mom.  Giggle.  Drink the shake so fast that there is shake-moustache all the way up to her eyebrows.  Giggle.  Squirm away from the washcloth.  Giggle.  Hide Mommy's shake.  Giggle.  Refuse to take her medicine.  Giggle.  Finally take the medicine.  Giggle.  Paint the dogs with mom's oatmeal when mom leaves the room for a moment.  Giggle.  Oiy!  Looks like we'll need to start our days in the wee hours to accomodate Little Miss Silly-Pants' pranks before the school bus arrives!

Little Miss Silly's birthday party was last weekend.  What a wonderful day!  Oldest kiddo took Miss Silly and her younger sister for a drive while I finished getting ready for the party.  She loves to go for a ride... and this was the first parent-less ride with newly-licensed big sister.  This kiddo was certain that she was getting away with something extra special!  They even went through a drive-though and got frosties.  (Yup... another name for a shake.  Miss Silly loves her shakes!)

   When the daring trio returned home, there were balloons, party favors and presents on the tables and  friends were arriving.  Miss Silly was way beyond excited to see so many people she loves!  She squealed and laughed and tried to introduce eveyone to each other. 

Miss Silly's interests are very different from most 13-year-old girls.  No rock star posters, glittery nail polish or hours of giggling with friends over the latest hunky crush.  This kiddo prefers coloring books, memory cards and Barney videos.  We invited the kids from her special class at school and a kindergartener that she adores.  I hoped we could keep such a diverse crowd of ages and abilities happy for a few hours.  When I worried about the diversity of the group, though, I forgot about the common connection.  These kiddos all love Miss Silly just the way she is!  And she loves them!  Our gang of kids happily made balloon animals, played hide & seek and created some crazy flashlight game.  They ate too much cake and icecream and goofed around like any bunch of buddies. 

It was chaotic.  It was wonderful.

Once again, Miss Silly is faster than the photographer!  She snitched a cupcake (far left) before I managed to take the picture!

Youngest kiddo went to her second cross-country ski race this weekend.  The first race was a bear of a race.  A short, icy, two-lap course which produced four skiers carried out on stretchers and two taken away by ambulance.  Youngest kiddo was knocked flat by a herd of high school B team boys, broke her glasses, and had to be helped off the course by onlookers. 

After such a scary introduction to racing, the second race was a joy!  This course was gentle and powdery.  The jr. high and high school races were kept separate.  The hills were rolling little bumps with no sharp curves.  Kiddo had a wonderful time racing.  It was fun to hear the team chatting happily after the race comparing their races; which hills were fastest, where they double-poled, any tumbles they took, and whether they had any energy left at the last big uphill.  It was a wonderful day full of team camraderie and the excitement of hanging out with 700+ skiers and all the assorted parents and coaches.  Oh... and lots of driving!  Almost three hours each direction.  But the driving time is enjoyable, too.  I love listening to the happy chatter.  First of anticipation.  Later, the joy of having raced hard and the happiness of accomplishment.  I'm so proud of this kiddo for skiing!

Well... I have about a zillion more happy thoughts for today, but they'll have to wait.  I'm running behind again....  Have a happy day!        


  1. Miss Silly sure was in a goofy mood. For me, first would come frustration then I would be giggling right along with her.

    That first ski race sounds scary but the second one sounds like they all had fun. I love listening to all the chatter in the backseat too.

  2. What a fun birthday that must have been! And 13-oh, my! That's quite a milestone.

    I hope the rest of the ski races are like the second, not the first.

  3. You have a beautiful family! The 13th Birthday sounds like a great time.

  4. I LOVE that you have so many happy thoughts that you cannot fit them all into one blog post.


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