A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy thoughts sure come easily on vacation! My husband and I have four girls. Uh oh! You just counted kids in the picture, didn't you? Yes... one is missing. We have a beautiful daughter who has extensive special needs. Once a year, Acadia spends a week at "Camp Nana and Boppa" while the other girls and I take a "girl-cation"... lots of pool time, fun little shops, walks on the beach, long hours at a bookstore, board games. Uh oh! There is a guy in the picture. How can I call this our "girl-cation"? Ok, ok... we let my husband join us for the first weekend. But *really,* he left this afternoon and it is officially "girl-cation" time!
Today was lovely! Don took the girls to the pool this morning while I enjoyed a rare commodity... fast internet service! We have dial-up at home. WiFi is such a treat! I visited half a dozen or more blogs in the time it would usually take to pull up one photo. Whooooohoooo!
Then the five of us spent the day in Chatham. Oh, it was beautiful! The beach was almost empty, the day overcast and breezy with little breaks of sun. We walked on the beach for over an hour. We watched a pair of dogs ahead of us run into the ocean, then come out and roll in the sand... over and over again! I could feel their joy! (And was very glad that I don't need to clean the car they left in!) My husband and I held hands. The girls felt that was decidedly "euwwwwy!"
We were so hungry after walking, I think we would have enjoyed slop on a bun! But we were lucky and found a restaurant with pleasant service and yummy food. Then we wandered through town. More euwwwwy hand-holding. Geez!
Now... some quiet time. Or can I call it quiet time? I'm watching kiddos frolic in the pool. I guess quiet is relative....
Have a happy day!

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