A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Miss Sassy had a therapudic horse riding lesson today.  Her younger sister was watching the lesson.  Sassy groomed the horse, rode around obstacles, clapped, waved, lifted her hands in the air, rode backwards, passed toys back and forth with her side-walkers and trotted.  When we were leaving, Sassy's little sister said, "Mom, when she trotted, I smiled.  I don't usually smile when my sisters do things.  But she trotted on the horse.  I couldn't do that, Mom.  And she could!  She did all those things on a horse, Mom.  She's really learned a lot!"

That really made me pause.  Our youngest started passing Miss Sassy's milestones before she was a year old.  Now Miss Sassy has achieved a milestone ahead of her sister.  I'm bursting-my-buttons proud!  I'm in awe of Sassy's achievements.  And I'm touched that youngest kiddo has the insight to notice and celebrate her sister's new skills.

(Miss Sassy is sitting in the hay loft with her instructor in the photo above.)

Have a happy day!


  1. Sweet! Sisters are a good thing!

  2. Awwww that is so sweet! What awesome girls you have! :)

  3. That is so cool!
    I used to take a young boy to horse riding when I was a Teacher Aide. He was 10 and loved it! Me? I didn't like it to begin with because I had to have a Tetnus injection before I could go near the horses... and it HURT! Actually it hurt for 6 weeks as I had a reaction to the injection.
    I had forgotten that until I read your post.
    I'm glad your daughter is doing so well with the horse riding.

  4. Bravo! This post just made me smile big! Such sweet girls.
    xx, shell


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