A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A mix of news...

Ok... I'm 'fessing up.  I've been neglecting this little blog.  Too much fun in the sun.  We recently got back from Maine where, among other fun times, we had a hilarious murder mystery for 15 (the previous two posts will take you to my other blog for the whole story).  The girls are home for the summer and we are enjoying a mix of lazy days, industrious days, and a constant parade of friends visiting.  Maggie and I are in the middle of summer concert season and have enjoyed lots of goofing around and music with the band. 

And, in the midst of all that fun, there is also heartache.  I have three friends battling cancer right now.  All at varying stages.  But it all hurts.  It seems that the pendulum swings very high and very low this summer.  On the one hand, we are enjoying a peaceful, relaxed, goofy summer with family and friends.  And, hand in hand, are my constant thoughts and prayers for these three friends.

Soooo... how to write a post that swings so?  I guess, like life, I will mix it up and let it swing...

Speaking of swinging...  I love this band!  And to my left is Lucie.  I showed up unannounced in October for my first practice.  I was scared.  Talking a mile a minute and cracking jokes (also how I act when I'm comfortable and happy, so it can be difficult to tell the difference).  But I was jumping-out-of-my-skin nervous.  It had been 15 years since I had played the trombone.  I was hoping I could still remember a Bflat scale...  Lucie welcomed me with an easy smile, shared her music, joked about accidentals... and when I got completely lost in the middle of a song, put down my trombone and started laughing, she reassured me that she still had a hard time getting through that piece.  Lucie really made the difference between falling in love with the band and running for door, never to return again....

Lucie is also one of my friends fighting cancer.  She has a beautiful blog where she shares her journey.  http://greenbananascancerblog.blogspot.com/  This summer has brought new symptoms for her.  Including vomitting.  Which, unfortunately, playing the trombone worsened.  God, I hate cancer!

So our latest gatherings and goofiness have been missing Lucie.  Our section just isn't the same without her there.  Oh gosh!  Don't get me wrong!  We still have a great time....  Wacky, goofy fun, plenty of conversation, and honest caring for each other are still hallmarks of the the trombone section.  We can make a joke out of anything.  Like flute players who sit dangerously close to our slide ends.  Or our conductor who has a difficult time cuing us with a straight face at a concert when we are all wearing party hats and stickers identifying us as "tbone" players.  And we joke about ourselves.  Constantly.  Whenever our director's hands are down.  And sometimes while they are still up.... 

Did I mention we eat cake? 

And caring.  The guys are a bit... ummm... protective.  They work very hard to make sure Maggie and I aren't left alone for a concert.  Each of the guys are planning to make a concert in August that is a stretch for them.  Trying to protect us from playing alone, I guess.  Or maybe protecting us from retaliation from the flute players?  Or maybe they are protecting the band from us musically?  You never know when that Bflat scale might be played.  I might panic and head for that door...   

One of my major roles this summer is that of chauffeur.  The oldest two kiddos have been working;  Maggie at a vineyard and Claire on a horse farm.  I'm driving.  A lot.  (Unless Maggie gets ahold of those car keys first!)   But around the trips to drop off and fetch kiddos, our days are relaxed.  Lunches on the porch.  Board games.  Long walks.  The pool. 

Unless I get a project in mind and decide to haul furniture all day.  Claire (the kiddo on the horse) and I cleaned out our loft area above the garage.  That loft has been many things over the past few years.  From office to bedroom to party space.  But most recently, ping pong and storage area.  I love the ping pong!  But the furniture storage was driving me nuts.  So Claire gave me a hand and we took chairs and desks and beds and bureaus (mostly old yardsale finds) to donate.  We laughed and talked and sweated and drove around all day.  Gosh!  I love summers with my kids!  

Kids... their godmother is another of my friends fighting cancer.  Again.  This is the third and possibly fourth time the ugly beast has invaded her life.  The first two times were 30+ and 20+ years ago.  And again, it has been caught early.  Her prognosis is good.  The next couple of months are shaping up full of uncertainty, discomfort and fear for her, though.  God, I hate cancer!

My third friend battling cancer, I saw at the post office the other day.  We talked for nearly an hour.  She has to stay close to home due to fatigue.  And she is looking at another proceedure that will restrict her even further.  I don't remember all the technical terms, but she can't even have visitors for an extended amount of time.  The risk of infection is too high while her body fights to rebuild strength.  God, I hate cancer!

Well... this post has been punctuated in typical summer-style by a trip to pick up a kiddo, hanging loads of laundry, washing dishes, playing a board game, and taking a long walk with my neighbor.  What hasn't been punctuating my summer lately?  This neglected sewing machine.  It's about time to get back to working on writing, sewing and creating.  At least until the next kiddo needs a ride....

Have a happy day!


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  1. Ah, Katie, thank you so much for that post. I had a rough night and was feeling down -- but who could feel low after reading that? I'll miss the band and the trombone section more than I can say.


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