A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation in Maine!

Did I mention that my family is rather... goofy? My oldest daughter (top row, third from left) planned a murder mystery dinner for 15. Yup... FIFTEEN! Our night of hilarity is a favorite for the neighborhood! Our upstairs neighbors came out and snapped pictures. For us... and plenty of their own! We slowed the traffic down for a few minutes... My dad (the vivacious redhead in the front row) stole the show as he flaunted his new wardrobe!

Yup... that's my dad!

Oldest kiddo really outdid herself. The cast list includes "Ima Heckler," "Ron Dewing," "Lottie Cash," "Flo O. Cash," "Lawrence Suit," "Pat Prime" (NOT "Past Prime"... no matter how many times my husband said it!), "Ann O. Ying," "Char Broil".... and one of my favorites...
"Cici the monkey!" Yup... my little one with extensive special needs had her own part! "Cici" loved dressing up and sitting with all the goofy people for the mystery! And when she wandered away from the table (not until nearly the third act!), she spent several minutes squealing happily at her reflection in the hall mirror!
Oh! Here are lovely twin sisters to the deceased! Before they found out that one of them was plotting to "kill" the other over the inheritance. Well... what was left of the inheritance after my dear husband, the financial advisor from Vegas, got his hands on it....
Oh... and the wasted fortune wasn't left to the twins after all... It was left to "Kay Nein" of a yappy dog rescue society. Too bad Kay didn't really love dogs...

We also had in attendance a competitor with a nasty temper, "Ann O. Ying", and her model "DD" (my dad), and her (his?) sticky-fingered hair and makeup artist, "Belle Chesnought", a tough and boozed up security guard, a disgruntled (and black-mailed) chef, a bitter photographer, an overworked assistant, and a traveling gypsy who had overstayed her welcome.

Oh... and the deceased's aging top model who was in danger of being fired... (yup, that would be me!)

We sure are having fun!
Have a great week!

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