A little joy to share with you!

A little joy to share with you!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer fun

Sassy girl had a ball game the other day.  Our local minor league team mascot visited this special group of kiddos for a photo session.  Miss Sassy LOVES Ribby!  She got a little distracted by her favorite giant bat and failed to play any baseball at all, instead choosing to follow Ribby around squealing excitedly.  But for the photo shoot... this was a close as she would get to her great, furry hero.

Oldest kiddo went out to apply for a job yesterday.  I am so proud of her!  She's got a lot on her plate right now with Little Man here, but she is determined to take on as much responsibility as possible.  Senior year, college applications, an incredible GPA to maintain, a sweet, sweet baby she's doing a marvelous job nurturing... and now a part-time job again, as well.  (She worked part-time through much of the pregnancy.)  Did I mention I'm one PROUD mamma?
Meanwhile... gadget girl tried her hand at babysitting!

Notice the ears... Gadget girl was given a much-appreciated gift at one of the baby showers!

Here is youngest kiddo modeling the latest in hot summer fashion.  Mmmmhmmm... an apron and a bikini.  Guess she won't be getting any spaghettii sauce on her belly... 

Youngest kiddo is growing up on us.  Apparently, she has had a crush on a boy for about six months now.  And forgot to mention that to us.  (Sheeesh!)  She's been hanging out at the town pool a lot this summer.  It didn't take too long for big sisters to figure out her infatuation.  Especially since the boy likes her, too!  Big sisters have been alternating light-hearted teasing with earnest comraderie and an endless string of advice.  What fun to suddenly have a giggly bunch of teens running around the house figuring out what youngest should wear to the pool or some other trivial detail!  It is bittersweet to have her growing up, but the comraderie and excitement is contagious.  Sigh!  My baby has a boyfriend.

And some Little Man photos!  Youngest kiddo snatches him up every chance she gets.  Ummmm... so does G'amma....

  Have a happy day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've had a few people mention that they read the blog and look forward to new postings.  Perhaps pointedly mention that they look forward to new postings...  Yup.  I'm behind again...
Our summer is busy as always.  The girls are working, swimming, hanging out with friends.  I seem to be continually waiting for Miss Sassy's summer school bus or picking up Gadget Girl from her job.  And feeding and cleaning up after a houseful of kids. 
I don't have much writing time.  But I suspect a few followers are currently "reading" the blog for more photos of the little star of the family.  The little man is beautiful and growing fast.  He started his life journey at 7 lb. 9 oz. and at three weeks old, he is 9 lb.  His main hobbies are eating, sleeping, and filling his diaper.  Once in a while he takes a break from that busy schedule to open his eyes and observe the world around him.  Including his hands.  Sometimes he manages to pull his hair, bat at a toy, or pop them into his mouth.  He does get mad at that baby who pulls his hair, though... 

Little Man sometimes lacks attention around here.

  There may have been a few minutes last week that noone was holding, cuddling or talking to him.
Other news... hubby and I spent the day in Maine a couple of weeks ago to celebrate his birthday.  We had a wonderful time walking the beaches, eating out, driving around and talking.  The quiet was a bit of a shock, though.  We're not used to it...

Gadget girl has a new haircut.  She wanted me to cut it for her.  I originally refused (due to complications associated with 20th anniversary dinners, etc.), but she promised not to cry.  Ta da!  I can cut a mohawk!  And she loves it!  What a free-spirited kid!  I really admire her spunk.  Or, perhaps more accurately, her punk.

Gadget Girl has joined one of the goofy town bands with me!  Mostly because she likes to drive us to practices & might as well bring the trombone and play.  But she has found herself enjoying the band in spite of herself.  There are a bunch of goofy and interesting teens in the band, a fantastic & very friendly conductor, and a fun trombone section.  (Ok... when is a trombone section ever NOT fun?)
 Speaking of fun trombone sections...  Trombone nights are a blast!  Sometimes we even play the instruments for a while.
 Sometimes playing doesn't involve instruments.  Gadget Girl was shot in the glasses with a nerf dart.
 The perp wasn't even contrite.  Maybe because we were celebrating his birthday.
 Little guy played with the trombones again.  He stuck to tooting the back end this time (repeatedly) and let Gadget Girl try the little trombone.  We also discovered that Gadget Girl is a phenomenal euphonium player!  Her first time playing the instrument, she kept up beautifully with the bunch of us!  (Not that we are difficult to keep up with;  mostly lots of giggling and banter between players.)  Might have to keep our eyes open for a euphonium now.  Gadget Girl loved it.  Oiy!
Original Oddball almost got a chance to play, but Little Man woke up and had other ideas.  Like tooting repeatedly....
Miss Sassy loves the new little guy!  She kisses him and holds him every chance she gets!  If he cries, she goes running to him.  Youngest kiddo loves him, too.  She can be found rocking him and cuddling him several times a day.

Well... that's it for now!  A few happy thoughts for today!  Have a wonderful day!